About Us.

ParPlus Solutions is a third-party mortgage loan processing company that is built to adapt to the ever-changing needs and expectations of a Mortgage Loan Officer (MLO). you can count on us to work tirelessly to deliver exceptional and quality support to you as we have done reliably for more than 20 years. About Us, Our team of knowledgeable and detailed oriented processors is devoted and most importantly possesses the work ethic that your client and you deserve as everyone attempts to navigate the new complex guidelines of mortgage processing.

 Our firm is here to serve and simplify each transaction with our expertise and accuracy. This is your opportunity to enjoy top-notch service for a flat fee with no surprises.It is our goal to help our client streamline the mortgage process from start to finish while optimizing time and minimizing overhead costs.

Our staff skills set includes:

  • Advanced degrees in engineering and accounting. Our processors have a background in para-legal and finance.

  • Over 20 years of processing experience in a high volume mortgage setting.

  • Experience with DU, DO, and LP systems.

  • Knowledge of FHA, VA, Foreign national, and FNMA policies and guidelines.

  • Knowledge of mortgage loan processing, compliance, investor products, and underwriting guidelines.

  • Working knowledge of various fraud tools.

  • Strong interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills.

  • Excellent customer service orientation.

  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and time manage.

  • Ability to work autonomously under minimal supervision.

  • Excellent computer and Microsoft Office skills.

We are committed to giving you the most ideal help!

We are contract-based mortgage and loan processing organization committed to assisting lenders and brokers in mitigating operation expenditures, increasing accuracy, and delivering quick to market response.

With over 2 decades of partnered involvement in managing USDA, FHA, VA as well as conventional advances, our cross-skilled team members are capable of customizing your lending plans to improve operations while reducing the processing costs and time.


To delight our clients

  • Our goal is to simplify the loan process to get quick approvals.
  • Working to build trust and partnerships with mortgage brokers and lenders with quality services.
  • Rendering expert processing assistance to brokers across several states.
  • Providing informed consultations regarding applications, document compliance, and closings
  • Assisting brokers who are stuck with banking procedures.


Unparalleled Excellence.




Loan and mortgage processing assistance for brokers and lenders 24/7.


“To become the top processing service business for mortgage brokers and lenders in the financial world” Aim to consistently deliver innovation, solutions, and trustworthy services to all parties involved.