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ParPlus Solutions is a leading third-party mortgage loan processing company providing mortgage loan processing services to loan originators, mortgage brokers, and lenders alike. Our team has over 20 years of experience in the mortgage lending industry and we are committed to delivering value-added mortgage processing support from the initial application to post-closing, so you can have plenty of time to be able to concentrate on your core business of originating and expanding your business.


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About Parplus Solutions

Being an essential business in contract mortgage loan processing for loan originators and mortgage brokers, parplus solutions believes in delivering unparalleled service. We have been providing the best solutions to the mortgage industry for over two decades and have earned a reputation for becoming a quality mortgage lender.

Our team of knowledgeable and detail oriented processors are dedicated to serving and simplifying each transaction with proficiency and accuracy. Our goal is to help our clients streamline the mortgage process from the start to finish.

Our Services As a Mortgage Loan Processing Company

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Initial Application and Review
  • Review borrower Documentation
  • A detailed review of pay stubs, W2-s, 1040
Loan Processing Company
  • Review bank statements, pension statements, divorce decrees, child support
  • Check validation for mortgage statements, escrow documents and so on
  • Pull credit reports
Loan Processing Company
  • Enter uniform residential application in LOS (form-1003)
  • Generate TRID disclosure/ Le
  • Collect signed disclosures
  • Verification of disclosures
  • Confirmation check for accuracy and completion
Loan Processing Company

Case Number Generation

  • Order VA and FHA Case Numbers for Government loans.
  • Order Title and Payoffs.
  • Order Appraisal, Flood Cert, VOE, VOR, VOD, VOM.
  • Order Insurance and Survey, if applicable

Loan Processing Company

Verification, Closing and Documents Compliance Check

  • Lock verification
  • Submission to loan originators and underwriters
  • Receive CTC and set up a closing
  • Coordinate closing with the title company
  • Convenient and accurate document compliance check within 24 hours of closing.

Customer Care Center

A Free Loan Process Consultation

If you are in the loan originating business then Parplus Solutions is the best mortgage loan processing company to get a mortgage for you. Our team of dedicated processors will manage the loan processing from the beginning of the process until closing for you.  We work with loan originators to ensure that the entire process is as problem-free and the system allows and the loan reaches the closing stage quicker than regular loan origin processing.

A Free Loan Process Consultation